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db3dbdemos.db32020-07-24125Kstandard Borland parts table
db3foodb.db32021-07-13123Minactive sample file
txtrailaccident.db3.sql.txt2021-07-13163MArchived SQL statements which insert the Rail Accident records.
db3railaccident.db32020-07-2456Msmall Rail Accident sample file for quicker testing
db3railaccident-larger.db32021-07-13121Mfull Rail Accident sample data file
db3recipe.db32021-07-21199Mopen-source recipe database converted to SQLite_3 format for the Rubicon Showcase sample project
db3world_x.db32022-02-07676KThis provides the City table from the world_x sample database from MySQL.
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